Our manufacturing unit is well-equipped with state-of-art and one-of-its-kind technology that creates masterpieces in every attempt. Channel the essence of us infra through the opulence and charm of our carpets. The company has gained indispensable recognition by developing top-grade and premium quality carpets and exporting them all across the globe

Fiber Line

We have 2 Fiber Plants for making Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber by recycling 60,000 K.G. of Waste PET Bottles in a day. So, thus making fiber from waster PET Bottles which is very difficult to dispose off.

Needle Punching

We have 5 Punching Lines. We had imported these Machines from Europe.


We have 10 Machines. We had imported these Machines from Europe and China.


We have 2 Digital Machines which we had imported from J. Zimmer, Austria. We have also 1 Rotary Printing Machine.

Carpets Tiles

We have a Complete Plant for manufacturing the Carpet Tiles. We have replaced imported carpet tiles with producing high quality Tiles in India only.


We have 1 imported Machine for manufacturing the Cushion Mats.

Jute Fabric Manufacturing

We are manufacturing jute Backing Fabric for Non-Woven and Tufting Backing.

Paper Heat Transfer Printing Machine

We have 1 Paper Heat Transfer Printing Machine.

R&D Lab